Featured Services

Design Ideas

Each client experiences the ultimate in personalized  service and attention, ensuring that their custom designed jewelry is exactly what they envisioned and goes beyond their expectations creating the ultimate jewels:  

  • The design process starts with either development of client concepts or specific gemstone selection
  • Design and concepts are rendered great detail meeting all of the clients criteria
  • Craftsmanship is always impeccable utilizing the world's best craftsmen
  • ‚ÄčMaterials used are always of the highest quality

The most beautiful gemstones

Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, Pearls, Padparscha sapphires, Paraiba Tourmalines, Spinels, Mandarin Garnets, Tsavorites, CatsEye Chrysoberyl,  we love the opportunity to get people thinking about unexpected gem color palettes and combing colors in the most unexpected and unique ways....

Confidential and professional consulting services

The gemstone and jewelry industries can sometimes present many unique challenges to navigate with confidence. We work with our clients one on one to advise, counsel and help guide to greater understanding with the highest level of trust and renewed confidence. We service international businesses and private clients. Whether its market intelligence, merchandising, marketing, gemstone acquisition or asset valuation, we have the professional experience and knowledge to fulfill the clients needs...